Dance on Your Desk

Office party is both a creative workspace (office) & an event RENTAL space (party). The intention is to BUILD a CONFLUENCE where the lives of dynamic people intersect.














the building

Office Party is a 5,000 square foot bow truss and brick warehouse with 30 foot ceilings with an additional 3,000 square feet of outdoor green space. Oversized skylights and massive rolling doors bathe the building in natural light. A large glassed-in conference room on the mezzanine level acts as the centerpiece. 

Dimensions and Capacity: 2000 square feet of indoor space on the ground floor with 30 foot ceilings as well as 3000 square feet of outdoor space with a bar, shade sails, and cafe string lights. Office Party can host up to 200 people standing or 150 people seated. There is also a large glassed in conference room on the mezzanine level that seats 15 for smaller meetings or creative offsites. There are 2 single occupancy bathrooms. 



upcoming EVENTS



Recent Events

The renovation of this 1920's warehouse was modular in design, so it's great for hosting all types of events. Office Party can accommodate everything from dinner and dancing to corporate offsites or live performances. Office Party also offers a unique set of in-house services including: furniture rental, event videography, Smilebooth, and DJs. 


the Crew

Michael Antonia

Michael has never stopped hustling. As a kid, he had three paper routes, and he turned a simple lawn mowing business into a small time empire. As an adult, he started an events production company that is now one of the most highly regarded brands in the wedding and event industry. He launched YEAH! Rentals in 2011 to runaway success & later developed a retail counterpart, YEAH! Furniture. Michael also serves as the music director for Ace Hotel and DJs at events and parties around the world. He lives up the street from Office Party with his wife, Elizabeth & their two girls.


Brian Morrow

Brian is the owner and Creative Director of Shark Pig, a full service production company who's new headquarters is inside Office Party. Brian currently suffers from writers’ block. His girlfriend however does not accept such creative inadequacies and insists that his brick of text be the same length as the others. In short - this is complete filler. But if you're still reading, so be it. One time Brian flew to Rome with no notice. He didn't realize that it was Easter when we walked to the Colosseum. Then he saw the Pope. True Story. 

Jonathan Lynch

Jonathan is the Executive Producer and other owner of Shark Pig. He’s a soft spoken guy who just happens to carry a pair of bolt cutters in his truck. Starting out as a location manager he knows the quilt of Los Angeles neighborhoods as well as anyone. Now a producer, he has over a decade of experience in commercials, TV and Film with more than 100 productions under his belt. Jonathan lives up the street from Office Party with his wife, Louise and their two sons. He's easy on the eyes, has the will of an ox and makes great cocktails.

Stephanie Sepulveda

Stephanie is an LA native with a deep appreciation for a great party. She recently collaborated to develop LA's most sought offer event location, Lombardi House.

She's passionate about serving the foster youth in Los Angeles and remains actively involved in the community. She is obsessed with her kids as well as her dogs. If you send an email to you'll reach her, but Stephanie loves to talk. She's always down to connect the dots for your event at Office Party.



the story

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