Dance on Your Desk


Office Party is a 5,000 square foot bow truss & brick warehouse with 30 foot ceilings. Oversized skylights and massive rolling doors bathe the space in natural light. A large glassed-in conference room above acts as the centerpiece. 



Outside is an additional 3000 square foot garden. It is enclosed on all sides by walls of vines and plants to create privacy. Shade sails and twinkle lights are strung overhead making it perfect for daytime or evening events.


The Studio

In the back of the building is a 2000 square ft studio space complete with a 20 ft cyc wall. A large garage door makes load in and load out easy and provides natural light when needed. Grip & electric gear is on site as well as 200 amps of power, hair & makeup area, and a dope video package.

Office Party is proud to be powered by: